About Us

The Paystub Education Project is an initiative of the Committee for Economic Development (CED) of The Conference Board (TCB), made possible by the generous financial support of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and the technical expertise of ParsonsTKO, who designed and built this website.

The idea for this website was borne of decades of our past work on the fiscal sustainability issue which has done frustratingly little to influence policymakers or to grab the public’s attention. We began to realize that politicians have little reason to act more responsibly when the public doesn’t hold them accountable. And that the public won’t demand greater fiscal responsibility when they don’t fully understand the effects of fiscally responsible vs. irresponsible policies, or when they hear about effects that are put in only very aggregate and abstract terms. When people hear about the federal government’s budget challenges, too often it sounds like only “inside the Beltway” (Washington, DC) speak. Too seldom do these policy issues seem to have anything to do with the personal circumstances faced by ordinary people in their daily lives. So, we had an idea–that we could make a more personal connection between the federal government’s finances and people’s personal finances by pointing out that certain line items on a worker’s “paystub” (their regular payroll information statement) are directly linked to government tax or spending programs.

After you take a tour through this website, we’d love to get some feedback from you on how we can make this educational resource even better for visitors. Please answer the anonymous survey questions at the end of the lessons, and email us at [email protected]. Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!